2M Monde

Innovative, high production value programs and outstanding performances in the Moroccan massmedia market

2M aims to fulfil its public service mission by offering cultural, news, and high quality entertainment programs. Leader of the massmedia market in Morocco, the channel broadcasts the best of international and Arabic TV shows, sports & news. 2M is highly appreciated for its innovating spirit and sustainable performance: more than 60 programs have been produced by the channel during the last five years. The leadership in audience performance is confirmed by a tangible likeability among its viewers, as 2M was elected ‘Best Brand’ by the Moroccan Awards in 2011.

In 2014, 2M is celebrating its 25th anniversary by keeping a high pace of innovation, staying ahead of local competition by producing an up to date formats such as talk shows, social programs and entertainment. Thanks to its large regional network in Morocco (Twelve regional representations in the main cities of the Moroccan Kingdom), 2M produces an exclusive content from remote areas in Morocco and makes its viewers aware of what’s going on in these areas in terms of economic, social, political and cultural activities.

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